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Dr. Sushma Kailash Pati

I graduated from the College Of Dentistry, University of Indore, India in 1994 and secured top rank in the four professional examinations of Bachelor of Dentistry. I was the recipient of the Colgate India scholarship. Subsequently, I worked as a Resident in family dentistry at University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi for four years. During this period I gained extensive experience in various aspects of dentistry including the preoperative and postoperative management of pedodontic and oral surgery patients treated under General Anesthesia.

During my residency at University College of Medical Sciences, I was involved with various research projects including “Orodental implications of chronic renal disease and Changes due to infected primary molars on the developing succedaneous teeth”. Three of my research studies have since got published in various national journals. I have been actively involved in administrative work and teaching during my residency. I was nominated academic secretary during my 3rd year in dental school. Through my professional career, I have been closely involved with various health awareness programs like Pulse Polio awareness program, Anti – Smoking and Cancer awareness program and Geriatric clinics run by the Govt. of India. I have also had the opportunity to educate the rural school children in various Indian cities about dental health. l have always believed in the concept of a healthy mind and a healthy body and have been actively involved in sports and extracurricular activities. I represented my university in athletics and Kho-Kho, a popular Indian sport, at national competitions and was nominated “Women athlete of the year” during my final year in dental school. I was also a member of the College Cultural Committee and Debating club. Environmental conservation is close to my heart and I enjoy a close proximity to nature, it stimulates me to think and have prompted me, time and again, to voice my feelings on issues dear to me.

Even though I always considered myself as a career oriented person, after my marriage, I have come to realize that my family is one of my important strengths. In retrospect, I feel happy to have taken a couple of years off work during the early childhood of my lovely daughter, Pallavi, and son, Kartikay. It has further strengthened my belief that children deserve and need all the extra attention and care of their parents during their early years.

In my pursuit to resume my profession in the US in 2009, I had the opportunity to receive my DDS from New York University, one of the best schools of dentistry. This helped me hone my skills and improve my clinical acumen. During a residency at NYH Queens, I had the opportunity to learn new aspects of dentistry and it is here I realized that working with kids and being to help out of their pain made me the happiest. With that in mind, I came to this clinic and have been here since. Every day has made me happier and most content. The smiling and hugging child is the best treat of all. I thank God for giving me this opportunity to be with kids every day. I take every opportunity to learn more and give more.

Dr. Erika Bailey, DDS

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