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If your dentist has suggested dental sedation for your child, safety will be your top consideration. Dentists for children often recommend sedation for long and complex procedures, and for young and nervous patients. Typically, sedation is considered very safe. Knowing the facts beforehand, you’ll be able to reduce your child’s stress levels before the procedure.

There are many types of sedation that may be used for your child. Laughing Gas is the most commonly used alongside oral sedation. Based on your child’s age & weight (adjusted if greater than 95%), your dentist will give some “superhero juice or sleepy juice.” Your child still breathes on their own during this procedure. Our office does not do intravenous sedation, and any patients needing this “general anesthesia” will be referred to an IV Sedation provider.

Prior to their appointment, you should restrict your child’s food and drink intake based on your dentist’s suggestions. If you would like additional information about preparing your child for their procedure, reach out to our office. Our friendly staff would be happy to address any questions or concerns you have regarding your child’s appointment or the sedation options available to them.

Meeting with the dentist beforehand will ensure that you have a complete understanding of the procedure for dental sedation in Beaumont and ensure a great visit for your child.

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